Team Nissan of Vineland is Ready to Help You Prep Your Car for Spring

Ease Out of Winter and Get Ready for Spring

Now that winter is over, it's time to check on your vehicle and help it shake off the burden of cold weather.
We offer a variety of services to help you get ready for the change in seasons, such as:

Winter Tire Changeover:

Winter tires are ideal for cold weather because they're softer and more flexible, making it easier for them to gain traction on frigid pavement. Softer rubber is a boon in winter, but it wears out quickly when the weather warms up. That's why swapping your tires over to all-season tires or another type is an important part of spring maintenance. Get more life out of your winter tires by swapping them out in the spring.

Wheel Alignment:

Between the harshness of winter and the rainy weather of spring, you're bound to encounter potholes. Hitting potholes can throw off your wheel alignment, which can cause excessive tire wear. We can adjust your wheel alignment to ensure that your tires last longer.

Wiper Blades:

Winter can be especially unkind to your wiper blades, leaving them worn by the time spring arrives. You'll need your wiper blades in good working order to deal with the spring rains, so we encourage you to contact us for a wiper blade replacement if you find that yours are leaving streaks or are otherwise offering subpar performance.

Our team can help you get your car into shape for spring with professional auto maintenance here at our dealership. Contact us today to get on the books!